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The Social Enterprise Corner

The Social Enterprise Corner is a collaborative initiative between Petrosains and the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) to showcase creative, unique and retail ready products by Social Entreprises or SEs.

SEs are organizations that balances a profit driven business with the mission of supporting a public or community cause such as social, educational, environmental, cultural or economic. As a premier science centre established by PETRONAS, committed towards improving scientific literacy of all Malaysians, Petrosains commends the role played by various other social organisations towards improving the lives of Malaysians. Petrosains is proud to be able to support Malaysian SEs and their social causes through its strategic partnership with MaGIC.

The products will be made available to the public for purchase at the Petrosains Xplorasi Gift Shop and the The PETRONAS Twin Towers Gift Shop – both located in Suria KLCC.

1. Green Yards 

Green Yards was established in early 2016. They convert locally sourced depleted vegetable cooking oil into eco-cleaning products and eco-candles. Their products are not only handmade, but are also free of harsh chemicals.


2. Seven Tea One 

Seven Tea One is a Malaysian fair trade tea company established in early 2016. They source fresh herbs and flowers from urban farms and work with underprivileged communities to process beautiful and soothing herbal infusion teas.  Their colourful teas are also chemical-free and high in traditional health benefits.  (P.S. Add a bit of lemon to their fully brewed tea for a touch of magic!)


3. Projek 57

Established on 31st August 2015, Projek57 is a social enterprise offering premium quality, locally made cotton tee shirts and other merchandises, featuring fresh home-grown designs with positive and meaningful messages about Malaysia. Project57 aims to become a platform for the under privileged to find new opportunities to break free from the cycle of poverty. Fourty percent of their profits are channelled towards empowering single mothers and underprivileged youth programs.

10aProjek 57


4. Biji-Biji Initiative

The Biji-Biji Initiative was founded on 31st December 2012. They champion sustainable living, and re-using waste creatively. By using discarded materials, basic electronics and passive building techniques, the Biji-Biji Initiative strives to inspire the public with fresh and fun approaches to sustainable living.



5. Simply Cookies

Simply Cookies was founded in 2014 with the aim to empower single mothers by providing them economic opportunities to balance financial independence and motherhood. The single mothers are trained to bake and are employed at their child-friendly kitchen where they can work and care for their children. They are also provided with baking equipment, and materials to bake delectable cookies from home.



6. Earth Heir

Earth Heir was launched on 14 February 2013. It is a luxury craftsmanship company, which targets to end the exploitation of craftspeople and artisans, and help them benefit directly from the work of their hands. They partner with master craftspeople to create timeless, contemporary pieces whilst preserving the heritage and tradition of their culture.


7. Magicbird

Magicbird Publishing is a not-for-profit children’s content creator, founded in 2012, whose sole mission is to get stories to poor children. They believe that children have a right to stories and this is integral to their holistic development over and beyond the right education or a right to play. Profits from the sales go towards the building of Reading Spaces and funding of Wisdom Clubs for Children.