What We Do

Petrosains is a Science Discovery Centre that uses a fun and interactive approach to tell the story of the science and technology of the energy industry. The sequence of the exhibits in Petrosains traces the evolution and scientific relevance of the energy industry while also focusing on general science and its application to everyday life. The hands-on approach adopted by Petrosains puts an emphasis on the fun and excitement of learning rather than on the rigorous memorisation of scientific facts.

Petrosains Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated to extend PETRONAS’ commitment as a socially responsible corporate citizen in providing a rich and stimulating environment aimed to enhance science literacy and instill in Malaysians a passion for acquiring scientific knowledge.

Petrosains is housed in the PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur. Occupying level 4 and 5 of both Tower 1 and Tower 2 of the Twin Towers, Petrosains covers a total exhibit area of more than 7,000 square metres. Entrance to Petrosains is through Level 4 of the Suria KLCC mall.

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Our Concept

Petrosains is designed as a modern and contemporary centre that allows visitors to touch, feel and manipulate the exhibits on display. The interactive feature of Petrosains’ exhibits, combined with a touch of theatrical and futuristic elements offer visitors a more constructive learning experience. The state-of-the-art design of the centre is complemented by thematic props, three-dimensional images, simulation effects and spectacular recreations with realistic visual and sound effects.

Our Exhibits

Using innovative methods of presenting ideas, Petrosains showcases its exhibits and displays in an engaging and exciting ways. For example, in the “Space” exhibition area, visitors can learn more about space science and technology from exhibits such as the “ISS-International Space Station” and “Mars Rover” a replica of NASA’s Mars Rover that can be programmed to roam over simulated Martian landscape in search of signs of life on Mars.

A special area is the Geotime Diorama that showcases realistic models of prehistoric animals and plants and a volcano. A feature that would delight visitors – especially the young ones – is the “Singing T-Rex”.
Another interesting replication is the true-to-life oil platform. Visitors will get the rare opportunity of being on an oil rig, see every aspect of what life is like on it as well as experience a simulated helicopter ride to the oil platform.

Our Programmes

Live Science Shows and Mini Science Shows are intriguing presentations by our facilitators utilising everyday props like plastic bottles, paper, straws, balloons, spoons, nails, and so on. Science Shows at Petrosains enhance visitors’ understanding of scientific principles as they are encouraged to participate in the experiment conducted.

  • School Programmes

    Educator’s Programmes
    – Our science education programmes are deeply rooted in the belief that people are natural inquirers and that inquiry is at the heart of all learning. The work that we do with educators is designed to give them an opportunity to personally experience the process of learning science through inquiry. Teaching science using the inquiry approach is a process whereby the teacher becomes a facilitator for the student’s process of discovery.

    Science Action Team
    – A programme for upper secondary students that can enhance their communication skills and build their confidence to interact and communicate science with the general public.

    Creative Science for Schools Programme
    – Selected primary and secondary schools can choose to participate in different modules of curriculum-related activities. All filled with lots of fun and excitement while learning.

  • Community Programme

    Sahabat Petrosains
    – A special programme with Orang Asli children aimed at opening their minds to the importance of learning and fascinating science surrounding their everyday lives and environment.

    Petrosains Camp-In Programme
    – A programme filled with fun interactive activities and provides the opportunity for primary and secondary students to camp-in overnight at Petrosains.

  • Outreach Programmes

    PETRONAS StreetSmart
    is an interactive traveling exhibition, designed to promote the importance of road safety. The exhibition showcases interactive exhibits and activities to simulate real situations on the road. It aims to educate youth and children to be responsible and caring road users. At PETRONAS StreetSmart, simulated road systems and traffic situations are set up for better learning experience as well as to deliver the message of road safety in a fun and refreshing way.

    Petrosains DinoTrek 2
    is an exhibition that features dinosaurs and other information on the prehistoric era through an interesting mix of creative approaches. The exhibition encourages learning experiences and interactivity through its various hands-on activities and exhibits. DinoTrek 2 showcases high-tech robotic dinosaurs and other main interactive exhibits as well as fun and engaging mini exhibits.

    Petrosains PlaySmart
    – To extend the science centre experience to communities outside of the Klang Valley, Petrosains PlaySmart satellite centres were set up in 2003. The centres are located within the community and are placed to allow easy accessibility for families and children to visit the centre. Petrosains PlaySmart features interactive exhibits and offers engaging and scientific based activities. As a service to the surrounding community, entrance to Petrosains PlaySmart is free and are currently located at Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Johor, Johor Bahru; Kompleks Yayasan Pahang, Kuantan and Perpustakaan Negeri Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.